Child’s Rights Club

The Child’s Rights Club was started on 20th May 2008 with the support of UNICEF, Save the Children Fund, World Vision, National Authority of Children and the International Labor Organisation.

There are currently 21 member journalists from 13 different media organisations; 6 TV, 3 Radio, 7 Print as well as 5 communications people from various civil society and NGO groups. 
The Clubs mission is to improve the understanding of interested journalists in issues to do with child rights and thus improve the coverage and quality of information in the media. 
The central themes for discussion and training include Child Labor, Education, Health, Crime, Sexual Abuse and Child Trafficking. In 2008 there was 8 trainings and workshops, 1 field trip and the production of one television program.

Local and International organisations directly supporting the Club: 

National Authority of Children 
Save the Children Fund 
World Vision 
International Labor Organisation 
To become a sponsor or find more information about the Club:

Contact: Baigalmaa C.

210620/347 Ih toiruu-54, Sukhbaatar district, UBD 1142
Tel: 350002, 350003; fax: 976-11-350002
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