Environmental journalism club

Environmental Journalism Club aims to improve the quality and quantity of environmental reporting in Mongolia. The club represents a group of working journalists who specialize, or are interested, in environmental and mining reporting.

In 2006, Press Institute research found that less than 2 per cent of media coverage was dedicated to environmental issues. The main reason for this was a lack of knowledge and experience among journalists.

The Press Institute believes a systematic and thorough education of journalists is essential to improve that statistic. On that basis, the club was founded in 2009 with the help of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The club now works closely with a wide range of international and local organisations, including the Zoological Society of London, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and many more.

These organisations help to build the professionalism of journalists through a variety of training and workshops. These sessions not only provide journalists with the necessary skills for reporting, but also help to increase their understanding of the environmental issues facing Mongolia. They also serve as an important connection for journalists, who often need reliable contacts for stories.

In 2014, the club won a grant to provide training for journalists on air pollution. Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar, is faced with some of the worst pollution in the world. The funding, provided by the Earth Journalism Network, will not only provide in-depth training about the devastating impacts of the pollution, but will give journalists their own air quality sensors called ‘Dustduino’. The Dustduinos will provide real-time data about Ulaanbaatar’s air quality, giving journalists regular access to information without relying on government data.

The club organises media conferences, round-table discussions and other events to spark conversation about important environmental issues. Most recently, the club organised a round-table discussion about the water issues facing Ulaanbaatar with key stakeholders, including ACF and the Mongolian Water Partnership, taking part.

The club is always looking for new partners and affiliate organisations who want to help improve the quality of journalism on key issues.

 To become a sponsor or find out more information about the club please contact Amraa

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