Mongolian media statistics

In 2009 the number of media outlets reached 392, a fifty percent increase from a decade ago. 91% or 357 of these outlets participated in the Mongolian Press Institute’s monitoring survey, submitting data about their organizations. About 60% of these media outlets are print media, the remaining being electronic media companies.   

It can be seen from previous Mongolian Media Monitoring surveys, conducted by the PI, that the number of media outlets has consistently increased since 2000. In 1999, 5 daily newspapers existed whereas now there are 15, while the number of TV companies operating in Ulaanbaatar increased from 5 to 18. 

In 2004 - 2008 period, on average (annually), 4 new TV companies appeared in the capital, 12 short wave radio stations in local areas and the number of national broadcasting TV companies reached 5. It is evident from the media outlet development stages and trends that from 1990 to 2001, newspaper out- lets grew in terms of quantity, radio outlets started increasing from 2001 and TV outlets from 2004. Electronic media outlets, however, only began to increase in 2007.

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