Media Development Trends

The data collection for this edition of ‘Mongolian Media Today’ took place from January to May 2015. The data was collected from approximately 2,800 media outlets in Ulaanbaatar and about 150 rural media outlets

along with data collected by the Communication Regulatory Commission of Mongolia, the Mongolian Sites’ Association, the Mongolian News Websites Association, postal companies and using the Press Institute of

Mongolia’s database of quantitative media data.

As in the previous years, a survey comprising questionnaires with 30-35 questions was sent to each media outlet. The number of questions answered depended on the characteristics of each media outlet. With regard to the media outlets located in Ulaanbaatar, information was collected during in person meetings with personnel from the outlets. In some cases information was collected

by email.

In regard to media outlets in rural areas, data was collected during interviews conducted over the phone along with email. In the first quarter of 2015, 376 out of 411 media outlets (newspapers, magazines, radio and television) or 92 percent of all media outlets, filled out questionnaires provided by the Press Institute.

In addition, information about websites that are members of the Mongolian Sites’ Association,

the Mongolian News Websites Association and the Leader Sites’ Association have also been included.

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