The flagship of the Press Institute’s training program, the six-month Diploma course is unique in Mongolia through its hands-on-approach with strong emphasis on practical skill development for journalistic work. It aims to provide basic journalistic knowledge for people who do have bachelor degree but not in the major of journalism. The Danish School of Journalism made a great contribution to developing the curriculum of the Diploma Course and establishing training resources at the Press Institute. Within 6 months the students get acquainted with basics of journalistic work including different journalistic genres, newspaper design, distinctions of print, radio and tv journalism and how to prepare news for radio and tv, journalistic ethics, and media law. The training program include also computer classes, where the students learn how to use Internet for investigative work or how to prepare the newspaper layout using specific programs such Photo Shop, In-Design.

Since the Diploma course has been held for the first time in 1996, Press Institute organized it 22 times, and a total of 400 students obtained knowledge and skills in modern journalism. The Press Institute is proud of the fact that about 80-90% of its graduates become employed in the media industry immediately after graduation and continuously work in this sector.
The Diploma course is offered once a year, however, a compact version of this course is organized additionally in a combination of online and classroom format for those who work full time.

In 2017 the Press Institute launched a new three-week training course on Investigative Journalism.
The course module has been developed in collaboration with the Deutsche Welle Akademie and the entire training team of the Press Institute has undergone a three-year training in teaching Investigative Journalism, prior to launching the course.

Along with long term journalistic training for newcomers Press Institute organizes different short-term trainings for working journalists. The Mongolian Press Institute is the major institution in Mongolia offering systematic midcareer training courses for journalists and media managers. During the twenty years since its establishment, the Press Institute conducted over 600 short and long-term training courses in journalism involving about 8000 media workers from urban and rural areas. Examples of short term training courses include election reporting, ethics of journalism, basic journalistic tools of reporting and writing, health coverage, photo journalism, investigative reporting etc.

In order to provide journalists with opportunities to specialize on different topical areas, the Press Institute launched different journalist’s volunteer clubs including Economics Journalism Club, Environmental Journalism Club and the Child-Rights-Journalism Club which can be considered as alternative forms of vocational training. The purpose of the clubs is to provide journalists with an expertise or background in areas with consistent access to factual information on important, timely topics facing Mongolia’s development. The format of a topical club generates camaraderie and encourages knowledge sharing which often results in higher quality and more consistent and comprehensive news coverage. Club activities are arranged by the Press Institute in coordination with national and international partner organizations.

Press Institute is the only institution which regularly offers train-the-trainer courses for journalism schools and universities. Experienced teachers of the Press Institute with journalistic background develop syllabuses and training materials for new courses, organizes workshops and meetings for professors of journalism schools and universities, offering various opportunities for them to exchange experiences and upgrade their professional knowledge and skills. The training department of the Press Institute also publishes the professional magazine "Journalist" to provide a forum for news and exchange of experiences among media experts, journalists and journalism teachers.

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