As the leading journalism education facility in Mongolia, the Press Institute (PI) regularly conducts short and long- term training for industry journalists. 

The experienced journalism staff at the PI regularly revise their course work to offer quality programs that address some of the problem areas that exist in the current media environment.

The teachers develop appropriate syllabus, sample work and training materials for new courses, organize workshops, site visits and training with experienced experts and media professors; and offer participants creative new ways to improve their professional knowledge and skills.

Each year, PI lecturers participate in training courses with international organizations that specialize in media development and capacity building. In the past these have included Deutsche Welle, visiting Fullbright Fellows, Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) and the Asian Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD). 

 Participating in these 'train-the-trainer' courses allows teachers at the PI to share experiences with professional media experts from other countries. During the courses, teachers learn modern teaching methodologies and creative ways to educate students and exchange different approaches to media development.


The PI offers a range of courses including a Diploma of Journalism (6 months), Diploma of Journalism-Correspondence course (3 months) and Diploma of Public Relation course for Mongolian students, as well as training sessions for working journalists

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