The Press Institute’s governing board consists of 13 members elected every 4 years through the General Assembly of Media Representatives. The current board includes the following members:

  1. Kh. Chilaajav, Chairman of the Board. Former Chairman of the National Council of the Mongolian National Public Broadcaster, Director General of the National Library
  2. J.Altangerel, President, Association of Parliamentary Reporters
  3. Ts. Chimeddondog, Teacher, Press Institute
  4. Ts. Lkhagvadash, Head of department Mongolian Public Broadcaster
  5. B.Temuulen, Director, News Group
  6. Ch.Battsengel, deputy editor, daily newspapers Unen
  7. Ts. Tamir, Teacher, Press Institute
  8. B.Bayarmagnai, "Mongolnews" Executive meneger
  9. E.Lkhagva, "Mongol HD" TV
  10. M.Naranbaatar,B.Tuvshintugs, ""
  11. P.Khashchuluun,"Udriin sonin"
  12. O.Khishigsuren, "Orkhon city" radio
210620/347 Ih toiruu-54, Sukhbaatar district, UBD 1142
Tel: 350002, 350003; fax: 976-11-350002
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