About us

The Press Institute is a non-governmental non-profit organization, established in 1995 under the Free Press project financed by a grant from the Danish Agency for International Development (DANIDA) according to a Mongolian-Danish governmental agreement.

The mission of the Press Institute

  • To support the development of independent and pluralistic media in Mongolia;
  • To assist in improvement of qualifications and skills of Mongolian media workers;
  • To analyse development of Mongolian media, disseminate objective and reliable information on this development and support exchange of scientific information on media;
  • To explain to the public the role and importance of free media in the society, economy and intellectual life of the country.

The Press Institute has successfully implemented long-term projects funded by foreign and international aid agencies, such as: "Free Press"Project (DANIDA, 1995-1999); "Media and Advocacy Activities on the national level", (UNDP 1996-1999); "Consolidation of Democracy through Strengthening of Journalism " (UNDP 1997-2000); "Devel­opment of Responsibility and Pluralism in Mongolian Media through Improvement of Professional Standards of Jour­nalism", (European Union through TACIS programme, 1999-2001); "Journalism and media in Mongolia: Monitor­ing Mongolian media " (DANIDA, 1999-2002), Support to strategic development"(OSI, Media Programme 2003 — 2004), "Photo journalism education development project" (UNESCO, 2004-2005).

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