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Mongolia is a part of “Uncovered Asia”. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of this hidden treasure for investigative reporters and our journalists are interested in uncovering injustice, misconduct and inequality in society.

We are welcoming you to Ulaanbaatar for the second international conference on the investigative journalism in Mongolia. We invite you to discover and share your ideas to developing professional journalism.

The Press institute of Mongolia is the leading Mongolian NGO with the mission to support the development of independent professional journalism in Mongolia. For this goal we enhance capacity building for journalists and networking possibilities domestically and internationally.

In 2015, the Press Institute trainers participated in the 9th Global investigative journalism conference in Lillehammer, Norway. After coming back the team organized three roundtable discussions among professionals and journalists to share their experiences. As a result, 19 mainstream media outlets produced stories about global investigative journalism trends and Mongolian situations. Additionally, a network of journalism educators and journalists interested in investigative reporting was established to share knowledge and experiences and collaborate on promoting investigative journalism in Mongolia.

Since 2016, the Press Institute team was involved in the Asian and Global Investigative Journalism Conferences in different places and upon arrival from the events the Press institute and Mongol TV jointly organized the First Mongolian Investigative Journalism Conference with involvement of 70 journalists and educators. Following this event, a group of journalists, NGOs and journalism educators was created to advance investigative journalism in Mongolia.

Therefore, together with our partners, such as the Deutsche Welle Akademie, Global Investigative Journalists Network and Mongol TV, we are introducing an initiative to establish an independent centre for investigative journalism in Mongolia. With our mission we are launching our 3 week high level professional training course on investigative reporting.

In 2017 we organized first international conference in Mongolia with notion of sharing best practices and creating collaborations among investigative journalists.

We are organizing this Investigative Journalism Dialogue, the second international conference in Mongolia, to support investigative reporters and developing its further collaborations. Deutsche Welle Akademie and Mongolian National Broadcasting channel and other supporters are collaborating to organize this special occasion in this year with Press Institute of Mongolia.

Over this two day event you will hear from investigative journalism experts.

The aim of this conference is to engage not only Mongolians but our international guests to improve professional investigative professional journalism here and in similar developing countries.


Core aims of the conference:

  • Discuss opportunities and challenges of investigative journalism in developing countries
  • Learn from IJ best experiences of other countries
  • Promote the newly set up Mongolian Center for Investigative Journalism, discuss issues of sustainability and best practices of similar organizations from around the world
  • Share experiences of investigative reporting, support networking and collaboration between both practical journalists and academia
  • How does investigative journalism sell? How can media houses profit from investigative stories?

We hope you enjoy this event.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. CLICK HERE. https://goo.gl/forms/xgEoL700tgcB6tzz2

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