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The Press Institute of Mongolia, Deutsche Welle Academie and "Mongol TV" jointly organized "Investigative Journalism Dialogue"international conference in order to contribute development of investigative journalism in Mongolia. The event was held on the 1st and 2nd of September, at the Kempinski Hotel in Ulaanbaatar.

On the first day of the conference, foreign and local journalists and media experts discussed best practice from the other country’s independent investigative journalism centers and discussed the opportunities to develop investigative journalism in Mongolia. Furthermore, these presentations provided methodological guidance on how to efficiently use online search functions, including "Google" operators, and how to use mobile devices such as phone and tablets for live, investigative reporting.

The second day of the conference started with sharing experiences of “Open Data and its role in Investigative Journalism" delivered by our Indonesian delegation and this was followed by the topics of "Verification and Advanced Search for People" and "Financing Your Investigation." In addition, the conference featured panel discussions on several topics including “Investigating Extractive Industry”, “Investigating Human rights issues” and “Investigative Journalism VS Crime investigation”. Delegates also discussed how to teach and coach investigative journalism for practicing journalists.

Over this two day event, participants discussed these topics with investigative journalism experts. These presenters include: adjunct professor and senior research fellow Dr Mark Lee Hunter from the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre and journalism and research trainer Marcus Lindemann from Germany on behalf of DW Akademie, Ewa Mehl from DW Akademie, Mr Hideaki Kimura from Waseda Chronicle of Japan, Mr Yong Jin Kim editor-in-chief of Korea's Newstapa Center, and Micheal Canares representative of the Open Data Lab, Indonesia, and Romanian journalist media expert Horea Salajan, Thomson Reuters jounalist Terrence Edwards and other journalism teachers, researchers and civil society representatives.

During the international conference, the Mongolian Center for Investigative Journalism was launched officially, and the investigative journalism award winners have announced.

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