The Number of media has been reducing for last five years
2017-05-08 11:52:12.0
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Number of Media Outlets Declining in Five Years

The Press Institute published “Mongolia Media Today” 2017 report, which includes statistical information on the Mongolian media sector, and provided information about development trends in the sector.

The “Mongolia Media Today” monitoring survey has been conducted over the last 18 years, determining the changes in the media sector and development trends. According to survey result, the number of media organizations has been declining for the last five years. From 2012 to first quarter of 2017, the number of media outlets reduced by 6. Sales declined 40% for printed newspaper and 60% for journal. In same time, weekly broadcast time of radio increased by 7 hours, TV by 8 hours.

The number of media website increasing annually with the reduction in the number of the traditional media. The number of websites was relatively sustainable for last two years. In first half of 2017, around 100 media websites were in daily operation. Facebook is the main media outlet on the internet. Last year FM radio made tremendous achievement, by using mobile phone apps able to listen to eight radio channels.

The media sector employs 4700 persons; half of these are journalists and editors. 56% of media workers belong to the TV sector. The number of media in rural areas declined, except for TV. Newspaper sales in rural areas reached 5.9% of national newspaper sales. This is the highest indicator during last ten years.

More information on the changes in the media sector, and results of the subscriber’s survey in 2016, is available in the “Mongolia Media Today” report.

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