Experts State Their View on “The Law on National Investment Bank of Mongolia”
2017-05-08 11:51:47.0
24 Сэтгэгдэлтэй

“The Law on Investment Bank” is going to be discussed on parliament in this week. Surely, this is the main topic among stock market experts and economic journalists. On the 2nd of May, Mongolian Securities Dealers Association organized meeting to the members of “Changers” club at the Press Institute of Mongolia. During the meeting, Ulziibayar.B, Chief of Executive Board, and general secretary Khuyag.Ts reported the news to the press. This law is being advertised to increase foreign investment enormously to Mongolia. However, Khuyag explained it will actually inhibit opportunities. He explained her view with several statements. Investment laws significantly impact the regulation of Mongolian financial markets.

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