Industry Leaders Discuss Solutions to Increase Meat Exports
2017-04-10 16:16:50.0
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"Transforms" Economic Journalists' Club, under the Press Institute, organizes monthly discussion for solutions to economic issues. This month the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry (MFALI), Veterinary and Animal Breeding Agency, the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TICA) and the Mongolian Meat Association, Meat Market company representatives were invited to discuss ways to increase agriculture exports.

The Government's Action Plan for 2016 - 2020 includes "the first campaign of milk and meat". Starting from January 1st, 2017, the "Meat and Milk” campaign has launched nationwide. The funding required for the campaign is provided in the annual capital budget and investment programs. In this program, the funding can be assigned to relevant ministers to provide loans and grants from international organizations.

“Meat and Milk” aims to promote intensive cattle farms, develop forage cultivation and processing industry and increase exports. M.Enkh-Amar, a chief of Policy Department of MFALI, shared information about activities and the implementation of the campaign over the past two months.

Our country has 70 million livestock. In addition to the use of its citizens, there is availability to export 6 million head of cattle per year for slaughter. But meat and milk processing plants are using less than 10% of capacity due to outdated techniques and equipment, poor asset turnover, sub-optimal working systems on preparation for raw materials and animal diseases. On disease, an expert of Veterinary and Animal Breeding Agency presented their work on how animal disease outbreaks affect meat exports and what kind of actions to take for livestock vaccination and disinfection.

The Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency is implementing a project to introduce a slaughterhouse with halal standards in collaboration with the MFALI. Within this framework, TICA has already started a project that to build a small sized model slaughterhouse in Gobi-Altai province and to train staffs who will work there. Implementation of this project, we develop to produce meat with halal standard and able to export the meat to Muslim religious countries such as Turkey and Iran.

B.Ochirbat, an executive director of Mongolian Meat Association, participated in this discussion representing meat producers.

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