Crowdfunding Campaign: Resources for a Free Press
2017-04-07 15:10:15.0
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The Press Institute of Mongolia is crowd funding a suite of new resources for professional and aspiring journalists in 2017. ‘Resources for a Free Press’ is an initiative to raise money for new audio visual equipment for our training department. We believe that a free press is essential to democracy and our planned suite of materials will help journalists from across the country improve their research and reporting skills. The quality of these resources should match the high quality of our trainers who share many years of professional journalism and teaching experience.

The campaign will focus on reaching new supporters for the Press Institute by increasing our social media reach. By reaching out to individual donors we want to demonstrate, from planning to implementation, how the Press Institute effectively uses financial support to improve the quality of journalism in Mongolia. The campaign page details the equipment we are looking to fund. At $500 we will purchase a BeastGrip smart phone rig which our trainers can use with any of their own smart phones. This includes lighting attachments and a Rode microphone. At our goal of US $10,000 we can purchase a Sony video journalist backpack which is a complete package of equipment for remote video production.

The department will be using this new portable video production equipment to create professional quality interviews, vox pops and webinars. This new equipment will enable our training team to improve both the quality and reach of our training expertise. The content will available online from the Press Institute website and YouTube channel. Our goal is to provide training resources to journalists across Mongolia, particularly outside of Ulaanbaatar, who are unable to attend our training courses. Additionally, this content will be accessible to the general public who can learn more about their media and journalism standards and will encourage audiences to think critically and expect more from their media.

These resources will provide us with the capacity to respond to demand for new online resources in the future. We will be able to better engage with international news media and training institutions and demonstrate to a larger audience the quality of our research team and journalism training resources.

A complete list of the materials our trainers will develop is available on the campaign page here

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