Journalists Scholarship Program is launched
2017-04-07 15:07:03.0
24 Сэтгэгдэлтэй

Press Institute of Mongolia celebrates 104 years anniversary of national journalism through launching a new journalistic scholarship program with the Germany’s Konrad-Adenaur Stiftung.

The official launching ceremony of the program took place at the Press Institute of Mongolia on the anniversary of the first daily newspaper published in Mongolia. Dr. Daniel Schmücking, the country representative of the Konrad-Adenaur Stiftung said that “Media is one of the important foundations of democracy”. He continued, “We are very proud to be supporting Mongolian democracy through the capacity building of qualified young journalists, who are willing to the next generation of society”.

There are 25 selected scholarship attendees, from a variety of different academic backgrounds. This includes a doctor, lawyer, economist and expert in international relations, political scientist and biologist who are now on the way to attend the journalism program, and willing to raise their voices for justice and democracy.

Interestingly, there are many reasons for these people to become a journalist, while they already have educated and experienced in their own sectors.

However, the prospect of making a significant contribution to the creation of Mongolian democracy, justice and well-being of society is uniting them.

For instance, Bayarbyamba, who is one of the 25 scholarship attendees, expressed his opinion that “as newly created class members we all have successful career experiences in our own fields. Personally, I am a doctor. Therefore, I am keen to writing about public health issues and educating publics, and this is why I have chosen the program”. 

Executive Director Dr Munkhmandakh said "The Press Institute already has been implemented upper graduate level journalism program annually throughout the 21 years period. At this time, this is the first ever journalism scholarship program with collaborating with the Germany’s Konrad-Adenaur Stiftung. Moreover, we enriched our curriculum with special programs including modern journalism trend session, leadership trainings and debate and discussions among participants are the highlights of this program”.

Within the six months scholarship program, students will learn the basic principles of journalism, professional skills and methods. Moreover, some of the Germany’s journalists, experts will have lessons and master classes for them in Mongolia.

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